Digital Content Management System

Use Case: DiCMS– Construction of Smart Digital Contents Management/Archiving Platform Supporting an Efficient Management & Life-cycle based Archiving of R&D Resources


Wongoo Lee, Minho Lee, Hwamook Yoon, Won-Kyung Sung

KISTI, Korea

March. 2012





The need for integrated and more efficient management of science & technology information was keenly felt. Thus we needed to manage and archive all digital contents including scientific data & semantic data as systematical and standard form(format). And we are constructing digital contents management system(DiCMS) so that managers can manage efficiently, fast, systematically digital contents and users use fast, various, reliable, different, high-value services. That is, DiCMS is management/archiving system on the variety of contents in KISTI.  


Development of digital contents management system supporting Design of analytics models for supporting the unified & standardized management of literature resources in KISTI

Development of digital contents archiving system supporting the systematic archiving based on digital life-cycle of literature/web resources.




We standardized terms, domain of values, content ID which are basis of management, and also defined XML type - data standard for all of the bibliography contents(papers, thesis, patent, reports, trends, standards) on science and technology fields.


We unified different acquisition & management processes depend on content into a single process (Acquisition, Processing, Loading, Management), and applied suitable structures and methods to our system.


We integrated several databases(hundreds of tables on them) into a new database for DiCMS. This work is broadly defined as deleting unused tables and fields, dropping duplicated databases, converting various character sets(e.g. KSC5601) to UNICODE, assigning new identifier for new system, etc. It was successful and contributed to construct efficient system for managing digital contents.


We migrated over a hundred million of data on source databases to a target database. The schema of target database is more appropriate to support services based on semantic technologies than those of sources. This work was composed of analyzing sources, designing process, executing migration, and evaluating results. It made our new system faster and semantic oriented to satisfy end-users’ demands.

Web ARX.

Web arx. system is the process of collecting portions of science and technology web sites and ensuring the collection is preserved in an archive site for future researchers, and the public. KISTI web archiving technique uses web crawlers to automate the process of collecting web pages and snapshot images


Literature arx. system is to acquire, preserve and make accessible knowledge and information from KISTI Digital Data for the future and we complied with the OAIS reference model and the METS standard. eStore system is converting PDF PDF documents into the PDF/A format for long-term archiving.



Process & Monitoring

Unified process
- Supporting a trigger for manual/automatic processing
- Verifying process status & progressing automatic the following step
Systematic Monitoring
- Grasping acquisition/delivery/loading process status
- Making easily user’s decision on his task status

e-Tracer & e-Mapper

Unified acquisition process
- Supporting C.M on many resources and versions
- Providing C/R/U/D functions by easy steps
Standardized translation process

- Browsing tracing map on items as resources/steps
- Viewing entirely data translation process


Systematic Access
- Supporting flexible access control management by contents/users
- Applying easily access control policy & providing CREATE/DELETE functions on user’s authority
Flexible Menu Management

- Providing an independent menu configuration by user’saccess level
- Supporting Free CREATE/DELETE functions on MENU as user’s authority


Sys. based international standards
- Systematic management based on OAIS ref. model
- Framework based on METS format(system)
- Literature metadata with PREMIS
- Web metadata with ISO28500
High performance with common tools
- Creating a permanent arx. file(metadata) through PDF/A translation
- Harvesting and searching web document using open sources
- Providing a variety of detaied page through snapshot of pages


ACQUSITION : KESLI(Korean Electronic Site License Initiative, NEST, KISTI-ACOMS(KISTI-Society Paper Submisstion Management System)

MANAGEMENT : e-Gate/u-Gate/OCEAN(Online Collaborator for SociEty & Association Network of KISTI)/RRMS(Research Report Management System)

SERVICE : NDSL(Sicence & Technology Content Service.), NTIS(National Science & Technology Information Service, KoreaScience

USE : WiseCat(WISE CATlog), KSCI(Korea Science Citation Index Service)